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We Helped 107+ businesses with Our Digital Marketing Strategy.  

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Our History And Who We Are

About Us

Cat1Digital is an Award Winning B2B Focused Digital Marketing Agency Specialized in SEO, Website Design, Social Media Management & Content Marketing Services. During the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, Cat1Digital was founded. Although the worldwide crisis was challenging, it was just a massage to everyone about how digital technology can benefit individuals and organizations.

But the architecture and design are still in shaping mode. The founder and business designer are still doing a change of color work to make it more attractive to their clients.

Seeing companies of all sizes and shapes interacting with customers in new and intriguing manners were quite encouraging. A revolution began! The designers and makers of Cat1Digital believed it would be highly advantageous to establish a service that would help businesses locally or internationally stand out from the competition while applying technology effectively.

The founders set out to develop a service that is how cat1digital got the Engine started. And now, the founders can loudly say, “Accomplish Your Marketing Goal Through Us.”

What Drives Cat1digital

Our Mission, Vision and Values


Our Mission

To ensure no local business gets left behind in an online world.

Our Vision

To make digital marketing technology accessible to everyone – regardless of technical expertise.

Our Mission

Respect, Trust, Passion, Integrity, Responsibility, Diversity, Customer, Commitment

Our Journey So Far

From Start To Present

About Our Name

Cat1Digital is a renowned SEO, web design, and digital marketing agency that can help your business advance online. In addition to analyzing business offerings, we also create audience persona, measure audience data, and maximize your sales through Organic & Paid Digital Marketing with a track record of improving search engine results. We constantly anticipate the intent of your company’s search engines and use cutting-edge site analytics and digital marketing techniques. We develop excellent talent in a framework that enables us to be as effective as possible. Since our beginning of the company in 2017, we have been making a difference in the local market by connecting and engaging between brands and consumers and using tactics to achieve revolutionary growth. We look forward to the difficulties of figuring out what you need to expand your business. We have a big picture in mind. We are witnessing a renaissance in the local digital arena as a result of our successful push. It’s time to go above and beyond. We begin by considering “smart-globalization.” We recognize the potential for business growth in freelancing. We understand that doing business globally requires a delicate balance of consistency and appealing to a diverse market.

Why Cat1digital?

Why cat?

Digital marketing is all about noise and breaking through it. The best way to do this is to “Turn Up The Volume” and help businesses do exactly that. Whether this is through online listings that shout out at people and tell them you exist or creating social media campaigns that resonate in people’s ears and minds – we are here to help.

Why 1digital?

Local marketing is uniquely different from national marketing. Reaching people locally requires you to take a completely different approach. Traditional approaches just won’t cut it as they used to on their own. Local marketing is hugely beneficial, especially for businesses that serve people locally.

Back in the early days of the internet, external links page was an essential element of your website. What happened?

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What is SEO? SEO means Search Engine Optimization and is the process used to optimize a website’s technical configuration, content relevance and link popularity so

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